The earth, the wonderful place where we live we exist.

A place  where humanity mortifies coexist with nature. 

Our wonderful planet , if u click  ... Ooooh shit!

U are a blue jelly!

Move : Left and rigth arrows.

Jump: Space bar.

Bend: Down arrow.

Dodge the enemies and come a live again the planet!


Alexander Francia - Glash

Daniel Herrera - Zafire Dragoon

Enrique David Suárez - Enriquesuarezgtte 

Juan David Santamaria - ArthurTrüben    

Sandra Pérez - animalisa

Valeria Gordillo  - Cadstor


ES_ Peach Clouds -  Sarah, the Illstrumentalist.

ES_dUCK IN A bOX - Jobii

ES_Before Chill - Yomoti


F PC .zip 43 MB


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the inputs are way delayed from the product (in the web version at least)